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Carpet care


Caring for your Carpet

As with any textile material, the appearance retention and durability of carpeting is governed by the care and attention it receives during its lifetime. Please remember that the wearing indoors of rubber soled shoes and trainers can cause excess wear. Similarly stilettos and metal tipped heels can also present a hazard to your carpet.

The importance of a regular cleaning or maintenance routine cannot be over emphasised. Maintenance or cleaning should comprise frequent light cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or carpet sweeper, together with thorough maintenance using an upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar attachment once or twice a week, depending upon the location and extent of use the carpet receives. For Loop pile and Shag pile carpets, the use of a ‘suction only’ vacuum cleaner is recommended. Shag pile carpets also benefit from regular raking, assisting in the prevention of matting in areas of concentrated use. As a rule ‘little and often’ for all types of carpet is much more effective than very vigorous treatment once in a while.

We recommend that your carpet is vacuumed on a daily basis from the day of installation.


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