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Sheet vinyl

Vinyl flooring adds a touch of elegance and style to any home or business.

Advanced technology has increased the depth and richness of colours and with it vinyl flooring’s strength of character and beauty.

Although a common choice for kitchen or bathroom, vinyl flooring is incredibly adaptable and is a great option for many other rooms as well.
Its resilience and wear resistance teamed with easy care and maintenance makes it a perfect choice for heavy usage areas in homes and businesses alike.

We supply vinyl flooring from a range of manufacturers with hundreds of styles and colours to choose from.

Vinyl tiles
If you’re looking for a resilient durable, water resistant flooring option for your home that can be installed virtually anywhere, you could consider Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Vinyl tiles are hard wearing and come in a huge variety of colours, patterns and sizes.

Luxury vinyl tile styles range from the look of natural Ceramics, Stone, Marble to more creative and artistic patterns. The extensive ranges of vinyl tiles allow you to really have any look you require for your home. Vinyl tiles are especially convenient when considering a checkerboard pattern or can be fitted with contrasting borders or feature strips to create whatever look you desire

Traditionally, rubber came from the milky sap of rubber trees and natural rubber is still harvested in this way. However, the majority of rubber flooring is now often made of synthetic materials. Rubber has always been popular in industrial settings because it is one of the most hard-wearing and resilient floor coverings available and yet still offers a remarkable level of cushioning underfoot and impact absorbency.

Rubber floors have gained in popularity with modern designers as it gives a room a unique ‘high-tech’ look and feel, as well as being versatile enough to match a variety of design schemes. Modern rubber flooring comes in solid sheet or tile form and is available in primary and pastel colours and with embedded textures, such as studs or ribbing, for potentially wet areas to prevent slipping and accidents.